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Getting there...

October 23rd, 2016 at 03:29 pm

So much going on... so much to plan for... so many goals to write down. I am declaring 2017 a SPEND VERY LITTLE year. We have done a ton of road tripping and weekend getaways over the past 3 years (and had so much fun and created SO MANY MEMORIES) but I am ready to settle down and decide what we want LONGTERM.

My oldest (21 on Monday) is still living with us. He causes zero issues, and is in school... but he's got some planning to do, too.

My middle (17) graduates in May and I have a feeling she will be hitting the road as soon as she is able.

We will soon be a family of three and I think that qualifies us for some budget adjusting and goal making!

This year (last 12 months) we did travel a lot. Probably spent upwards of 8,000. I REALLY want to refrain from that in 2017 and see what we can throw at debt (house, student loans, car).

We did pay off Car 2 a few months ago (need to update my sidebar). A whole year early. Happy at that!

I spent a few hours testing out a zero balance budget... I just need to get us through the holidays. We have birthdays, holidays, Christmas, etc...

So, here's to budget setting and goal making for 2017!

All outta love...

September 14th, 2015 at 11:55 am

From the student loan peeps, at least.

I am sure I am not alone in the fact that I owe student loan debt that I know NOTHING about. A few promissory notes here and there, two degrees (BSB/M and MBA), and five years later, I get a phone call.

I have two accounts... one that is called Federal Loans and the other is Department of Education Loans; payments totaling $850 a month. And I am all outta forbearances. Evidently there is a cap.

I only answered the phone today because there were three back-to-back No Caller ID calls... I thought it was an emergency. Thankfully, it wasn't. Well, not in my eyes anyway.

It's true, I been out of school for five years and I've never made a student loan payment. Well, I did make a payment to both loans on Saturday for $100 each. Figured I'd warm up to it a little.

However, after today's call from my mystery caller, I am now the proud owner of an admin forbearance through November 12. I've filled out a federal consolidation loan application and requested a graduated payment... which will run me about $350 a month to start. That is more than I originally budgeted, but it looks like I don't have many options left.

I did find out that with the new, consolidated loan, I will be eligible for 36 months of forbearance again... I don't plan on using it, but glad it will be there just in case.

Once the cars are paid off, I will be throwing as much as as I can at those student loans to get them paid off.

Patience and time... Time and patience...
And, well, money.