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All outta love...

September 14th, 2015 at 11:55 am

From the student loan peeps, at least.

I am sure I am not alone in the fact that I owe student loan debt that I know NOTHING about. A few promissory notes here and there, two degrees (BSB/M and MBA), and five years later, I get a phone call.

I have two accounts... one that is called Federal Loans and the other is Department of Education Loans; payments totaling $850 a month. And I am all outta forbearances. Evidently there is a cap.

I only answered the phone today because there were three back-to-back No Caller ID calls... I thought it was an emergency. Thankfully, it wasn't. Well, not in my eyes anyway.

It's true, I been out of school for five years and I've never made a student loan payment. Well, I did make a payment to both loans on Saturday for $100 each. Figured I'd warm up to it a little.

However, after today's call from my mystery caller, I am now the proud owner of an admin forbearance through November 12. I've filled out a federal consolidation loan application and requested a graduated payment... which will run me about $350 a month to start. That is more than I originally budgeted, but it looks like I don't have many options left.

I did find out that with the new, consolidated loan, I will be eligible for 36 months of forbearance again... I don't plan on using it, but glad it will be there just in case.

Once the cars are paid off, I will be throwing as much as as I can at those student loans to get them paid off.

Patience and time... Time and patience...
And, well, money.

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